BUSINESS Bankruptcy

Dal Lago Law’s mission is to guide its clients toward financial health and prosperity.  Although bankruptcies are a core practice of Dal Lago Law, our motive is to keep clients out of the bankruptcy arena. With that in mind, we encourage companies to seek counsel from an expert Chapter 11 practitioner the moment they start experiencing financial distress, rather than waiting until a bankruptcy filing is inevitable.



Dal Lago Law helps Naples-based and Southwest Florida companies navigate through difficult economic times by devising and implementing creative workout plans and out-of-court restructuring. Through effective negotiations, wecan help convince creditors and other interested parties that – in most instances – a bankruptcy filing will have a worse financial impact on their balance sheet than a well developed out-of-court restructuring plan. 



If an out of court restructuring plan is not feasible, Dal Lago Law will steer clients through the Bankruptcy process. We regularly represent debtors, committees, creditors, shareholders, trustees, and financial institutions on all levels of the capital structure in all litigation aspects of the bankruptcy process  in jurisdictions throughout the United States. With our wealth of experience, our team regularly achieves successful reorganization for its clientele, while allowing them to operate their business and financial affairs in bankruptcy as a debtor-in-possession.



With our team as your partner, you will discover that bankruptcy can be used as a beginning, and not an end. 

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