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Creditors’ Rights

Dal Lago Law, based in Naples, Florida, is not only proficient at representing Debtor’s in Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, but we also represent both secured and unsecured creditors in  situations when they are thrust into a debtor’s reorganization or workout.


Close up of bankruptcy petition


Many of the world’s most celebrated brands—even those with record profits—have undergone some form of financial restructuring.  We represent corporate debtors across a broad array of industries.  Though diverse, all our clients are at the forefront of their industries, and all of them expect nothing less than the highest quality representation.  We invite you to see why Dal Lago Law is respected by clients and opposing counsel alike.


The “Small Business Reorganization Act” (SBRA) recently went into effect to eliminate many procedural hurdles small businesses otherwise needed to clear in typical Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. This new act created the “Subchapter V” to  simplify the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process for most small business debtors, by reducing the cost and expense of small business bankruptcy reorganizations and increasing accessibility to small business owners throughout Southwest Florida.

Small businesses with less than $2,725,625.00 in debt are generally eligible for relief under Subchapter V.


A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a form of bankruptcy specifically designed for indivduals—but not businesses—with stable, steady income. These individuals that file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy are known as a “Debtor”. The people and businesses that are owed money from the Debtor are known as “Creditors”. These terms are important terms for the reader to understand for purposes of the discussion set forth below.