BUSINESS Bankruptcy

Many of the world’s most celebrated brands—even those with record profits—have undergone some form of financial restructuring.  We represent corporate debtors across a broad array of industries.  Though diverse, all our clients are at the forefront of their industries, and all of them expect nothing less than the highest quality representation.  We invite you to see why Dal Lago Law is respected by clients and opposing counsel alike.

Out-of-Court Restructuring and Corporate Workouts

All too often, companies file for bankruptcy when more cost-effective restructuring alternatives are available.  Similarly, many businesses wait until bankruptcy is their only option.  At Dal Lago Law, we help businesses in Southwest Florida stay proactive, explore their legal options, and maximize their financial well-being.  We have helped many of our clients save millions of dollars without impeding their ability to raise additional capital.

Out-of-court restructuring—sometimes referred to as a “corporate workout”—is a negotiation and settlement process that occurs outside of the bankruptcy court.  Out-of-court restructuring remains a lifeline to many businesses suffering from market downturns or the ire of exploitative lenders, and is typically much less expensive than Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  We encourage clients and prospective clients alike to reach out to us the moment they start experiencing financial distress.  Whether fighting merchant cash advance companies or working with traditional lenders, we take pride in delivering results for our clients.

Restructuring is not limited to companies in financial distress.  We have helped countless profitable institutions build on their success through negotiations with creditors.  Our attorneys work with lenders to refinance or settle debt which would otherwise slow down our clients’ growth.


Recapitalization is a corollary of financial restructuring, whereby a company changes its debt-to-equity ratio.  Many businesses recapitalize by getting prospective shareholders to invest money, which is in turn used to pay down debt.  Alternatively, many other businesses borrow money to buy back shares.  At Dal Lago Law, we regularly help businesses in Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota and Tampa use recapitalization to achieve their full potential.

Our clients often come to us seeking relief from one-sided agreements with investors.  Just as we negotiate with secured creditors, our attorneys ensure the long-term viability of our clients’ businesses by negotiating and renegotiating stock agreements with current or prospective shareholders.  Contact us to learn more.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a process by which a debtor can maintain control of their assets while formulating and marketing a “plan of reorganization”, which is a plan to pay creditors on terms that are much better for the debtor.

There are many benefits to Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Debtors are often able to propose plans that end restrictive and onerous leases and service agreements.  Chapter 11 bankruptcy can usually delay foreclosure until the debtor’s Plan of Reorganization is confirmed.  Owners of Chapter 11 bankruptcy debtors can usually continue paying themselves a salary and retain ownership of their company.

Every year, thousands of businesses file for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.  Sadly—despite the benefits discussed above—many of those businesses see their cases dismissed because they lacked effective legal counsel.

Our attorneys represent Chapter 11 business debtors that provide services to millions of people across the globe.  We also regularly represent creditors, shareholders, trustees, and financial institutions at all stages of the bankruptcy process, in jurisdictions throughout the United States.  With our wealth of experience working for both debtors and creditors, we regularly help clients successfully reorganize while ensuring they can operate their businesses throughout the Chapter 11 process.

We have a track record of succeeding when others have failed.  We understand what our clients have at stake, and honor their sacrifices.  At Dal Lago Law, our success is measured by our clients’ success.

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